Invited Speakers

Special Session:  “AR/VR/MR Optics”

Hong Hua (University of Arizona, USA)

“Design of Head-Mounted Light Field Displays for Virtual and Augmented Reality”

Bernard Kress (Microsoft, USA) 

“Optical Architecture Choices for HoloLens V2 Mixed Reality Head Mounted Display"

Byron Taylor (Facebook, USA)

“Human perception challenges in AR design”

Norihiro Ohse (SONY, Japan)       

“Warp Square, 360 Degree Visual Experience by 4K Ultra-Short-Throw Projector Cave”

Koki Wakunami (NICT, Japan)

“Holographic Printing Technology for Fabrication of Future Holographic Optical Elements”

Category 1.  Optical Design/Simulation/Fabrication

Fleming M. Chuang (Coretronic Corporation, Taiwan)

Freeform based Head Mounted Display with Extended Eye Box and Time-Multiplexed Light Field by MEMS Vari-focal Device ”       

Rongguang Liang (University of Arizona, USA)

“All reflective microscope”

Yuji Toriumi (Ricoh, Japan)

“RICOH THETA Z1 360 Degree Camera with Triple-Folded Optical System”

Jose Sasian (Wyant College of Optical Science, USA)

“Designing optical relay lenses”


Category 2.  Optical Components/Devices

Douglas Barlage (Univ. of Alberta, Canada)

“Finding Holes in Wide Bandgap Semiconductors”

David L. Dickensheets (Montana State University, USA)

“Active Optics for Dynamic Focus, Aberration Management and Beam Scanning”

Noboru Ebizuka (RIKEN, Japan)  

“Novel Transmission Gratings for Astronomical Observation and Space Application”

Boon S. Ooi (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia)

“Laser Lighting and Visible Light Communications”


Category 3.  Optical Systems

Vladan Blahnik (Carl Zeiss AG, Germany)

“Lens Developments at Zeiss for Apollo Moon Landing Missions 50 Years Ago”

Cheng-Huan Chen (NCTU, Taiwan)

“Integrating Holographic and Geometrical Imaging for Display Optical System Design”

Yusuke Nakamura (Hitachi, Japan)           

“Lensless 3D Sensing Technology with Light-Field Imaging Using Fresnel Zone Aperture”

Yuzuru Takashima (University of Arizona, USA)

“Lidar and AR displays by MEMS-Based Angular and Spatial Light Modulation”


Category 4.  New Technologies

Yu-Jung Lu (NTU, Taiwan)

“Lead Halide Perovskite Based Plasmonic Nanolasers”

Teruyoshi Nobukawa (NHK, Japan)

“Single-shot incoherent holography with multiplexed gratings for 3D imaging”

Atsushi Okamoto (Hokkaido University, Japan)

“Complex Amplitude Control Technology for Mode-Multiplexing Optical Communication”

Ta-Jen Yen (NTHU, Taiwan)

“Intensifying MoS2 Bilayers by Quadrupole Gap Plasmons for Excellent Hydrogen Evolution Reaction and by Morphology-controlled Plasmonic Nanostructures towards Superior Photodetectors”

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